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Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Rangkaian Audio Amplifier 2 Watt


Rangkaian Audio Amplifier 2 Watt

Gambar Skema Rangkaian Mini

Audio Amplifier 2 Watt

Ampilifier this series is designed to be input into the mini-speaker box 2, 4 and 8 ohm.rangkaian this switch is also equipped with Bass-Booster.dapat in the output path to connect the walkman, mini disc, iPod, CD Player, Computers and other devices that have similar lines to its headphone output.

In this series without using the IC design by using the methods that seemed a bit behind in jaman.Ampilfier supply voltage with 12 v.switch SW1 akan produce sound bass-booster, but at the same time the volume should be reinforced as compensation on the loss of high frequency.

Komponen Rangkaian Audio Amplifier 2 Watt


P1_____________10K Log.Potentiometer

R1,R2__________33K 1/4W Resistors

R3_____________33R 1/4W Resistor

R4_____________15K 1/4W Resistor

R5,R6___________1K 1/4W Resistors

R7____________680R 1/4W Resistor

R8____________120R 1/2W Resistor

R9____________100R 1/2W Trimmer Cermet


C1,C2__________10µF 63V Electrolytic Capacitors

C3____________100µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor

C4,C7_________470µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitors

C5_____________47pF 63V Ceramic Capacitor

C6____________220nF 63V Polyester Capacitor

C8___________1000µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor


D1___________1N4148 75V 150mA Diode


Q1____________BC560C 45V 100mA PNP Low noise High gain Transistor

Q2____________BC337 45V 800mA NPN Transistor

Q3____________TIP31A 60V 4A NPN Transistor

Q4 ___________TIP32A 60V 4A PNP Transistor


SW1___________SPST switch

SPKR__________3-5 Watt Loudspeaker, 8, 4 or 2 Ohm impedance

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